How does it go?

Hungarian version

The hardware you need

If you can use Skype, than your computer supports our system as well.
Hardware: you need a computer at least Pentium4, 2,5 GHz processor with1 GB memory, headphones with mic and a webcam.
Software: Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, broadband internet connection.
No software needs to be downloaded or installed on your computer!


How does it work?

1.    When you click on the link in the invitation, you will see the communication screen, that is the screen you have purchased, immediately. In most cases we send an invitation which is valid for one time, so we ask you to click on that link only within the actual time frame in which you are entitled to use it.

The screen will be visible in a couple of seconds. belépés

2.    In the webcam and microphone menu you have to choose the tools that you would like to use. To make sure that the connection works well you can click on ’start recording’. This button starts a short recording, which enables you to customize the settings the way you like them.

You can skip this and if you do not want to see it again tick the square "Don't show this test anymore".

When you have set everything, you click on "Start Conference"

Taná belépés online órára

3.   As the screen of the class comes up, you can choose which connections you would like to share: only sound or picture or both of them. To make the class just like a real one, we would recommend you th chose both of them.

At this point you are still able to customize the settings of the microphone and webcam.

If you click on "Do not ask again" the program will not ask it anymore.

With the button "Rendben" you can continue.

Taná belépés online órára


4.   If you would like to use the webcam and the microphone, the system asks you to click on "Allow" again to make sure.

At this point, on the left of the screen, you will already see those present in the virtual classroom. If the image of the participants’ webcams are on top of each other, you can drag them apart.

Taná belépés online órára


5.   If the teacher is not signed in, the system displays a warning. However, you cab still sign in and the teacher and the rest of the group will be visible as soon as they sign in.



Application, information:

Hvjon Skype-on!Hvjon Skype-on!      rjon e-mailt!       Hvjon telefonon!+36 303100982